Join The Inventsons on their first adventure, Animal Antics!

The evil Balzer is up to no good with his animal mind control machine, and only this family of geniuses can stop him!

Will they save the world from being overrun by evil bunnies? So long as they stay creative and stick together, there is nothing they can’t accomplish!
Or so we hope!

Who are The Inventsons?

The Inventsons are just your normal family of smart inventors and makers who own a unique amusement park known as Inventionland.  Inventionland is where all sorts of new ideas are brought to life. The three young Inventson kids are the “Rock Stars” of Inventionland and their cool inventions inspire others to create as well. They’re mentored by their grandfather “G”, who lives by the code I.D.E.A which is an acronym for: Imagine, Develop, Empower and Amaze! The Inventson’s positive energy is often challenged by the evil of their arch nemesis Balzer, who lives in a nearby castle inside his very own twisted amusement park, BalzerLand.

Meet the Family

Jesse Inventson // Age: 11


Jesse Inventson is the adventurer of the family. He’s boisterous, proud, and eager to prove his greatness at any given opportunity. When he’s not picking fights with his much more sensitive older brother or showing off his prowess at building gadgets, he’s spending time brainstorming with his best friend, Mike.

Walt Inventson // Age: 15


Walter Inventson, or “Walt,” has a quick and brilliant mind. He specializes in chemistry and (although he is the oldest in the family) he’s far shyer and more reserved than his siblings. He may not be the bravest in the bunch, but his intelligence and empathy help the family get out of sticky situations.

Sue Inventson // Age: 13


Sue Inventson is the artsy one of the family. She can invent gadgets with the best of them, but her passion is in art, music, theater, and even in fashion. Combining a creative mind with business savvy, there’s nothing Sue can’t do if she sets her mind to it. 

“G” Inventson // Age: Grandpa


When “G” is not inventing in his lab, he’s spending time imparting his innovative wisdom in his grandkids. He attended school years ago with Balzer and, through his successes, instilled a hatred in Balzer that carried on to this day. It’s up to G, along with his grandkids, to continue to save the town from Balzer’s wrath.

Mike // Age: 11

Mike, Jesse’s best friend, spends a lot of his time helping the Inventson family save Inventionland. A wiz in pretty much anything from geography to technology, Mike is a much-needed addition to the Inventson team. He also strikes up a nice balance between Jesse and Walt, being the peacemaker and logician when the two of them won’t stop squabbling.

Balzer’s Hench-Minions // Age: ∞

Balzer's Henchmen

These quirky minions help Balzer carry out his evil schemes. Though they often meet him with sass and rather dim suggestions, they’re loyal and help carry out even the most dastardly of plans.

Balzer // Age: Unknown

Having watched G succeed at everything in which Balzer failed, Balzer developed jealousy for him which turned into a long-standing and one-sided rivalry. Balzer, now sworn enemy of the Inventsons, resides in the town of Rigidville. He spends his time locked up in his factory, plotting different schemes to undermine the Inventsons and cause chaos.

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